Drupal 8  8.0.1
Here is a list of all modules:
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oREST and Application Integration
oState API
oConfiguration API
oCache API
oUser accounts, permissions, and roles
oServices and Dependency Injection Container
oPage header for Services page
oTyped Data API
oAutomated tests
oPHP Runtime Assert Statements
oInformation types
oExtending and altering Drupal
oPlugin API
oObjected-oriented programming conventions
oPage header for Classes page
oPage header for Namespaces page
oBest practices for developers
oUtility classes and functions
|\Field Types API
| \Field Widget API
|  \Field Formatter API
|   \Field API bulk data deletion
oForm generation
oQueue operations
oAjax API
oService Tags
oPHP wrapper functions
oInput validation
oSanitization functions
oFile interface
oBatch operations
oContent markers
oAnnotation for context definition
oAnnotation for translatable text
oDatabase abstraction layer
oSchema API
oEntity CRUD, editing, and view hooks
oEntity API
oUpdate API
oImage toolkits
oLocking mechanisms
oLogging severity levels
oMenu system
oTheme system overview
oRender API overview
oPage header for Elements page
oRouting API
oBlock API
oInterface translation properties
oMigration API
oViews exposed form plugins
oViews overview
|oViews plugins
||oViews access plugins
||oViews area handler plugins
||oViews argument handlers
||oViews argument default plugins
||oViews argument validate plugins
||oViews cache plugins
||oViews display plugins
||oViews display extender plugins
||oViews field handler plugins
||oViews filter handler plugins
||oViews join handler plugins
||oViews pager plugins
||oViews query plugins
||oViews relationship handlers
||oViews row plugins
||oViews sort handler plugins
||oViews style plugins
||\Views wizard plugins
|oViews hooks
|\Views template files