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SystemMenuBlockTest Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 testSystemMenuBlockConfigDependencies ()
 testConfigLevelDepth ()

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static $modules

Protected Member Functions

 setUp ()
 convertBuiltMenuToIdTree (array $build)

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Detailed Description

Tests .


Expand test coverage to all SystemMenuBlock functionality, including block_menu_delete().
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Member Function Documentation

convertBuiltMenuToIdTree ( array  $build)

Helper method to allow for easy menu link tree structure assertions.

Converts the result of MenuLinkTree::build() in a "menu link ID tree".

array$buildThe return value of MenuLinkTree::build()
array The "menu link ID tree" representation of the given render array.

References Element\children().

Referenced by SystemMenuBlockTest\testConfigLevelDepth().

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setUp ( )


References MenuLinkMock\create(), and Entity\create().

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testConfigLevelDepth ( )

Tests the config start level and depth.

References SystemMenuBlockTest\convertBuiltMenuToIdTree(), format_string(), and Drupal\service().

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testSystemMenuBlockConfigDependencies ( )

Tests calculation of a system menu block's configuration dependencies.

Field Documentation

Drupal Core Menu MenuLinkManagerInterface $menuLinkManager

The menu link plugin manager service.

Initial value:
= array(

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