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ContainerBuilder Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct (ParameterBagInterface $parameterBag=NULL)
 set ($id, $service, $scope=self::SCOPE_CONTAINER)
 register ($id, $class=null)
 setParameter ($name, $value)
 __sleep ()

Protected Member Functions

 callMethod ($service, $call)

Detailed Description

Drupal's dependency injection container builder.

Submit upstream patches to Symfony to not require these overrides.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( ParameterBagInterface  $parameterBag = NULL)


Member Function Documentation

__sleep ( )


callMethod (   $service,

A 1to1 copy of parent::callMethod.

register (   $id,
  $class = null 


Referenced by AcceptHeaderRoutingTestServiceProvider\alter(), DefaultConfigTest\containerBuild(), CachedStorageTest\containerBuild(), CoreServiceProvider\registerTest(), and CoreServiceProvider\registerUuid().

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set (   $id,
  $scope = self::SCOPE_CONTAINER 

Overrides Symfony::set().

Drupal's container builder can be used at runtime after compilation, so we override Symfony's ContainerBuilder's restriction on setting services in a frozen builder.

Restrict this to synthetic services only. Ideally, the upstream ContainerBuilder class should be fixed to allow setting synthetic services in a frozen builder.

Referenced by HelpEmptyPageTest\containerBuild().

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setParameter (   $name,


Referenced by ServiceProviderTestServiceProvider\alter(), LanguageServiceProvider\alter(), InstallerServiceProvider\alter(), and RegisterSerializationClassesCompilerPass\process().

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