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PagerKernelTest Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 testSetPagerMethods ()

Static Public Attributes

static $testViews = ['test_pager_full']
static $modules = ['user', 'node']
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ViewKernelTestBase
static $modules = array('system', 'views', 'views_test_config', 'views_test_data', 'user')

Protected Member Functions

 setUp ($import_test_views=TRUE)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ViewKernelTestBase
 setUp ($import_test_views=TRUE)
 setUpFixtures ()
 orderResultSet ($result_set, $column, $reverse=FALSE)
 executeView ($view, array $args=array())
 schemaDefinition ()
 viewsData ()
 dataSet ()

Detailed Description

Tests pager-related APIs.


Member Function Documentation

setUp (   $import_test_views = TRUE)


testSetPagerMethods ( )

Tests pager-related setter methods on ViewExecutable.

See Also

References CacheBackendInterface\CACHE_PERMANENT, Views\getView(), and Drupal\service().

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Field Documentation

$modules = ['user', 'node']


$testViews = ['test_pager_full']


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