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Translation Class Reference
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 __construct (array $values)
 get ()
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 getProvider ()
 setProvider ($provider)
 getId ()
 getClass ()
 setClass ($class)

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Detailed Description

Defines a translatable annotation object.

Some metadata within an annotation needs to be translatable. This class supports that need by allowing both the translatable string and, if specified, a context for that string. The string (with optional context) is passed into t().

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( array  $values)

Constructs a new class instance.

Parses values passed into this class through the t() function in Drupal and handles an optional context for the string.

array$valuesPossible array keys:
  • value (required): the string that is to be translated.
  • arguments (optional): an array with placeholder replacements, keyed by placeholder.
  • context (optional): a string that describes the context of "value";

References Drupal\translation().

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Member Function Documentation

get ( )

{Gets the value of an annotation.}

Implements AnnotationInterface.

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