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DefaultParser Class Reference
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 parse (FeedInterface $feed)

Detailed Description

Defines a default parser implementation.

Parses RSS, Atom and RDF feeds.

( id = "aggregator", title = ("Default parser"), description = ("Default parser for RSS, Atom and RDF feeds.") )

Member Function Documentation

parse ( FeedInterface  $feed)

{Parses feed data.

\Drupal\aggregator\FeedInterface$feedAn object describing the resource to be parsed. $feed->source_string->value contains the raw feed data. Parse the data and add the following properties to the $feed object:
  • description: The human-readable description of the feed.
  • link: A full URL that directly relates to the feed.
  • image: An image URL used to display an image of the feed.
  • etag: An entity tag from the HTTP header used for cache validation to determine if the content has been changed.
  • modified: The UNIX timestamp when the feed was last modified.
  • items: An array of feed items. The common format for a single feed item is an associative array containing:
    • title: The human-readable title of the feed item.
    • description: The full body text of the item or a summary.
    • timestamp: The UNIX timestamp when the feed item was last published.
    • author: The author of the feed item.
    • guid: The global unique identifier (GUID) string that uniquely identifies the item. If not available, the link is used to identify the item.
    • link: A full URL to the individual feed item.
bool TRUE if parsing was successful, FALSE otherwise.

Implements ParserInterface.

References EntityInterface\label(), Drupal\service(), FeedInterface\setDescription(), FeedInterface\setImage(), FeedInterface\setWebsiteUrl(), and t().

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