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DependentPluginInterface Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

 calculateDependencies ()

Detailed Description

Provides an interface for a plugin that has dependencies.

Member Function Documentation

calculateDependencies ( )

Calculates dependencies for the configured plugin.

Dependencies are saved in the plugin's configuration entity and are used to determine configuration synchronization order. For example, if the plugin integrates with specific user roles, this method should return an array of dependencies listing the specified roles.

array An array of dependencies grouped by type (config, content, module, theme). For example:
'config' => array('user.role.anonymous', 'user.role.authenticated'),
'content' => array('node:article:f0a189e6-55fb-47fb-8005-5bef81c44d6d'),
'module' => array('node', 'user'),
'theme' => array('seven'),
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