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CacheabilityMetadataConfigOverride Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 loadOverrides ($names)
 getCacheSuffix ()
 createConfigObject ($name, $collection=StorageInterface::DEFAULT_COLLECTION)
 getCacheableMetadata ($name)

Detailed Description

Test implementation of a config override that provides cacheability metadata.

Member Function Documentation

createConfigObject (   $name,
  $collection = StorageInterface::DEFAULT_COLLECTION 

{Creates a configuration object for use during install and synchronization.If the overrider stores its overrides in configuration collections then it can have its own implementation of . Configuration overriders can link themselves to a configuration collection by listening to the ::COLLECTION_INFO event and adding the collections they are responsible for. Doing this will allow installation and synchronization to use the overrider's implementation of StorableConfigBase.

See Also
string$nameThe configuration object name.
string$collectionThe configuration collection.
The configuration object for the provided name and collection.

Implements ConfigFactoryOverrideInterface.

getCacheableMetadata (   $name)

{Gets the cacheability metadata associated with the config factory override.

string$nameThe name of the configuration override to get metadata for.
A cacheable metadata object.

Implements ConfigFactoryOverrideInterface.

getCacheSuffix ( )

{The string to append to the configuration static cache name.

string A string to append to the configuration static cache name.

Implements ConfigFactoryOverrideInterface.

loadOverrides (   $names)

{Returns config overrides.

array$namesA list of configuration names that are being loaded.
array An array keyed by configuration name of override data. Override data contains a nested array structure of overrides.

Implements ConfigFactoryOverrideInterface.

References Drupal\state().

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