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InfoParserUnitTest Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 testInfoParserNonExisting ()
 testInfoParserBroken ()
 testInfoParserMissingKeys ()
 testInfoParserMissingKey ()
 testInfoParserCommonInfo ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from UnitTestCase
 randomMachineName ($length=8)
 getConfigFactoryStub (array $configs=array())
 getConfigStorageStub (array $configs)
 getStringTranslationStub ()

Protected Member Functions

 setUp ()
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 setUp ()
 getRandomGenerator ()
 assertArrayEquals (array $expected, array $actual, $message=NULL)
 getBlockMockWithMachineName ($machine_name)
 getContainerWithCacheTagsInvalidator (CacheTagsInvalidatorInterface $cache_tags_validator)
 getClassResolverStub ()

Protected Attributes

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Detailed Description

Tests InfoParser class and exception.

Files for this test are stored in core/modules/system/tests/fixtures and end with .info.txt instead of info.yml in order not not be considered as real extensions.


Member Function Documentation

setUp ( )


testInfoParserBroken ( )

Test if correct exception is thrown for a broken info file.



References Drupal\VERSION.

testInfoParserCommonInfo ( )

Tests common info file.


References Drupal\VERSION.

testInfoParserMissingKey ( )

Tests that missing required key is detected.


#Missing required keys (type) in .+?missing_key.info.txt#

References Drupal\VERSION.

testInfoParserMissingKeys ( )

Tests that missing required keys are detected.


#Missing required keys (type, core, name) in .+?missing_keys.info.txt#

References Drupal\VERSION.

testInfoParserNonExisting ( )

Tests the functionality of the infoParser object.


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