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AccessibleInterface Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

 access ($operation, AccountInterface $account=NULL, $return_as_object=FALSE)

Detailed Description

Interface for checking access.

Member Function Documentation

access (   $operation,
AccountInterface  $account = NULL,
  $return_as_object = FALSE 

Checks data value access.

string$operationThe operation to be performed.
\Drupal\Core\Session\AccountInterface$account(optional) The user for which to check access, or NULL to check access for the current user. Defaults to NULL.
bool$return_as_object(optional) Defaults to FALSE.
bool| The access result. Returns a boolean if $return_as_object is FALSE (this is the default) and otherwise an AccessResultInterface object. When a boolean is returned, the result of AccessInterface::isAllowed() is returned, i.e. TRUE means access is explicitly allowed, FALSE means access is either explicitly forbidden or "no opinion".

Implemented in ViewUI, ContentEntityBase, Entity, FieldItemList, and UserSearch.

Referenced by NodePreviewAccessCheck\access(), EditEntityFieldAccessCheck\accessEditEntityField(), ContentTranslationController\add(), CommentLazyBuilders\buildLinks(), UserListBuilder\buildRow(), EntityReferenceFormatterBase\checkAccess(), ContentTranslationHandler\entityFormAlter(), EntityListBuilder\getDefaultOperations(), EntityResource\patch(), and Entity\validateEntity().

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