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MatcherDumper Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct (Connection $connection, StateInterface $state, $table= 'router')
 addRoutes (RouteCollection $routes)
 getRoutes ()

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Detailed Description

Dumps Route information to a database table.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( Connection  $connection,
StateInterface  $state,
  $table = 'router' 

Construct the MatcherDumper.

\Drupal\Core\Database\Connection$connectionThe database connection which will be used to store the route information.
\Drupal\Core\State\StateInterface$stateThe state.
string$table(optional) The table to store the route info in. Defaults to 'router'.

References Drupal\state().

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Member Function Documentation

addRoutes ( RouteCollection  $routes)

{Adds additional routes to be dumped.

\Symfony\Component\Routing\RouteCollection$routesA collection of routes to add to this dumper.

Implements MatcherDumperInterface.

getRoutes ( )

Gets the routes to match.

A RouteCollection instance representing all routes currently in the dumper.

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