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UpdateTestController Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 updateError ()
 updateTest ($project_name, $version)

Detailed Description

Provides different routes of the update_test module.

Member Function Documentation

updateError ( )

Displays an Error 503 (Service unavailable) page.

Returns the response with a special header.
updateTest (   $project_name,

Page callback: Prints mock XML for the Update Manager module.

The specific XML file to print depends on two things: the project we're trying to fetch data for, and the desired "availability scenario" for that project which we're trying to test. Before attempting to fetch this data (by checking for updates on the available updates report), callers need to define the 'update_test_xml_map' variable as an array, keyed by project name, indicating which availability scenario to use for that project.

string$project_nameThe project short name the update manager is trying to fetch data for (the fetch URLs are of the form: [base_url]/[project_name]/[core_version]).
string$versionThe version of Drupal core.
BinaryFileResponse|Response A BinaryFileResponse object containing the content of the XML release file for the specified project if one is available; a Response object with no content otherwise.

References Drupal\config().

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