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FormElementInterface Interface Reference
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static valueCallback (&$element, $input, FormStateInterface $form_state)
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static setAttributes (&$element, $class=array())

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 getInfo ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from PluginInspectionInterface
 getPluginId ()
 getPluginDefinition ()

Detailed Description

Provides an interface for form element plugins.

Form element plugins are a subset of render elements, specifically representing HTML elements that take input as part of a form. Form element plugins are discovered via the same mechanism as regular render element plugins. See for general information about render element plugins.

See Also
Plugin API

Member Function Documentation

static valueCallback ( $element,
FormStateInterface  $form_state 

Determines how user input is mapped to an element's #value property.

array$elementAn associative array containing the properties of the element.
mixed$inputThe incoming input to populate the form element. If this is FALSE, the element's default value should be returned.
\Drupal\Core\Form\FormStateInterface$form_stateThe current state of the form.
mixed The value to assign to the element.

Implemented in Select, MachineName, Checkboxes, Table, Radios, FormElement, Textfield, Datetime, Password, Range, Textarea, Tableselect, EntityAutocomplete, Checkbox, PathElement, Datelist, PasswordConfirm, Token, and ImageButton.

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