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StubSourcePlugin Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 setModuleHandler (ModuleHandlerInterface $module_handler)
 fields ()
 __toString ()
 getIds ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SourcePluginBase
 __construct (array $configuration, $plugin_id, $plugin_definition, MigrationInterface $migration)
 prepareRow (Row $row)
 current ()
 key ()
 valid ()
 rewind ()
 next ()
 getCurrentIds ()
 count ($refresh=FALSE)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PluginInspectionInterface
 getPluginId ()
 getPluginDefinition ()

Protected Member Functions

 initializeIterator ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SourcePluginBase
 initializeIterator ()
 getModuleHandler ()
 getIterator ()
 aboveHighwater (Row $row)
 rowChanged (Row $row)
 getCache ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from SourcePluginBase
 $cacheCounts = FALSE
 $skipCount = FALSE
 $trackChanges = FALSE
 $mapRowAdded = FALSE

Detailed Description

Stubbed source plugin for testing base class implementations.

Member Function Documentation

__toString ( )

{Allows class to decide how it will react when it is treated like a string.}

Implements MigrateSourceInterface.

fields ( )

{Returns available fields on the source.

array Available fields in the source, keys are the field machine names as used in field mappings, values are descriptions.

Implements MigrateSourceInterface.

getIds ( )

{Defines the source fields uniquely identifying a source row.None of these fields should contain a NULL value. If necessary, use prepareRow() or hook_migrate_prepare_row() to rewrite NULL values to appropriate empty values (such as '' or 0).

array Array keyed by source field name, with values being a schema array describing the field (such as ['type' => 'string]).

Implements MigrateSourceInterface.

initializeIterator ( )


setModuleHandler ( ModuleHandlerInterface  $module_handler)

Helper for setting internal module handler implementation.

\Drupal\Core\Extension\ModuleHandlerInterface$module_handlerThe module handler.

References Drupal\moduleHandler().

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