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CKEditorTest Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 testGetJSSettings ()
 testBuildToolbarJSSetting ()
 testBuildContentsCssJSSetting ()
 testInternalGetConfig ()
 testStylesComboGetConfig ()
 testLanguages ()
 testJSTranslation ()

Static Public Attributes

static $modules = array('system', 'user', 'filter', 'editor', 'ckeditor', 'filter_test')

Protected Member Functions

 setUp ()
 assertCKEditorLanguage ($langcode= 'fr')
 getDefaultInternalConfig ()
 getDefaultAllowedContentConfig ()
 getDefaultDisallowedContentConfig ()
 getDefaultToolbarConfig ()
 getDefaultContentsCssConfig ()

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Tests for the 'CKEditor' text editor plugin.


Member Function Documentation

assertCKEditorLanguage (   $langcode = 'fr')

Assert that CKEditor picks the expected language when French is default.

string$langcodeLanguage code to assert for. Defaults to French. That is the default language set in this assertion.

References Drupal\config(), ConfigurableLanguage\createFromLangcode(), and Entity\load().

Referenced by CKEditorTest\testJSTranslation(), and CKEditorTest\testLanguages().

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

testBuildContentsCssJSSetting ( )

Tests CKEditor::buildContentsCssJSSetting().

References Drupal\config(), file_create_url(), and Drupal\service().

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testBuildToolbarJSSetting ( )

Tests CKEditor::buildToolbarJSSetting().

testGetJSSettings ( )

Tests CKEditor::getJSSettings().

References file_create_url().

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testInternalGetConfig ( )

Tests Internal::getConfig().

testJSTranslation ( )

Tests that CKEditor plugins participate in JS translation.

References CKEditorTest\assertCKEditorLanguage(), and Entity\load().

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testLanguages ( )

Tests language list availability in CKEditor.

References CKEditorTest\assertCKEditorLanguage().

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testStylesComboGetConfig ( )

Tests StylesCombo::getConfig().

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