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EntityWithPluginCollectionInterface Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

 getPluginCollections ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from EntityInterface
 uuid ()
 id ()
 language ()
 isNew ()
 enforceIsNew ($value=TRUE)
 getEntityTypeId ()
 bundle ()
 label ()
 urlInfo ($rel= 'canonical', array $options=array())
 toUrl ($rel= 'canonical', array $options=array())
 url ($rel= 'canonical', $options=array())
 link ($text=NULL, $rel= 'canonical', array $options=[])
 toLink ($text=NULL, $rel= 'canonical', array $options=[])
 hasLinkTemplate ($key)
 uriRelationships ()
 save ()
 delete ()
 preSave (EntityStorageInterface $storage)
 postSave (EntityStorageInterface $storage, $update=TRUE)
 postCreate (EntityStorageInterface $storage)
 createDuplicate ()
 getEntityType ()
 referencedEntities ()
 getOriginalId ()
 getCacheTagsToInvalidate ()
 setOriginalId ($id)
 toArray ()
 getTypedData ()
 getConfigDependencyKey ()
 getConfigDependencyName ()
 getConfigTarget ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AccessibleInterface
 access ($operation, AccountInterface $account=NULL, $return_as_object=FALSE)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CacheableDependencyInterface
 getCacheContexts ()
 getCacheTags ()
 getCacheMaxAge ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RefinableCacheableDependencyInterface
 addCacheContexts (array $cache_contexts)
 addCacheTags (array $cache_tags)
 mergeCacheMaxAge ($max_age)
 addCacheableDependency ($other_object)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from EntityInterface
static load ($id)
static loadMultiple (array $ids=NULL)
static create (array $values=array())
static preCreate (EntityStorageInterface $storage, array &$values)
static preDelete (EntityStorageInterface $storage, array $entities)
static postDelete (EntityStorageInterface $storage, array $entities)
static postLoad (EntityStorageInterface $storage, array &$entities)

Detailed Description

Provides an interface for an object using a plugin collection.

See Also

Member Function Documentation

getPluginCollections ( )

Gets the plugin collections used by this entity.

[] An array of plugin collections, keyed by the property name they use to store their configuration.

Implemented in ImageStyle, EntityFormDisplay, EntityViewDisplay, Block, FilterFormat, SearchPage, and Action.

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