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FieldTranslationSynchronizer Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct (EntityManagerInterface $entityManager)
 synchronizeItems (array &$values, array $unchanged_items, $sync_langcode, array $translations, array $columns)
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 synchronizeFields (ContentEntityInterface $entity, $sync_langcode, $original_langcode=NULL)

Protected Member Functions

 itemHash (array $items, $delta, array $columns)

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Detailed Description

Provides field translation synchronization capabilities.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( EntityManagerInterface  $entityManager)

Constructs a FieldTranslationSynchronizer object.

\Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityManagerInterface$entityManagerThe entity manager.

References Drupal\entityManager().

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Member Function Documentation

itemHash ( array  $items,
array  $columns 

Computes a hash code for the specified item.

array$itemsAn array of field items.
int$deltaThe delta identifying the item to be processed.
array$columnsAn array of column names to be synchronized.
string A hash code that can be used to identify the item.

Referenced by FieldTranslationSynchronizer\synchronizeItems().

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synchronizeItems ( array &  $values,
array  $unchanged_items,
array  $translations,
array  $columns 

{Synchronize the items of a single field.All the column values of the "active" language are compared to the unchanged values to detect any addition, removal or change in the items order. Subsequently the detected changes are performed on the field items in other available languages.

array$field_valuesThe field values to be synchronized.
array$unchanged_itemsThe unchanged items to be used to detect changes.
string$sync_langcodeThe language code of the items to use as source values.
array$translationsAn array of all the available language codes for the given field.
array$columnsAn array of column names to be synchronized.

Implements FieldTranslationSynchronizerInterface.

References FieldTranslationSynchronizer\itemHash().

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