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TextFormatterTest Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 testFormatters ()

Static Public Attributes

static $modules = array('text')
- Static Public Attributes inherited from EntityUnitTestBase
static $modules = ['user', 'system', 'field', 'text', 'filter', 'entity_test']

Protected Member Functions

 setUp ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from EntityUnitTestBase
 setUp ()
 createUser ($values=array(), $permissions=array())
 reloadEntity (EntityInterface $entity)
 getHooksInfo ()
 installModule ($module)
 uninstallModule ($module)
 refreshServices ()
 generateRandomEntityId ($string=FALSE)

Protected Attributes

 $entityType = 'entity_test'
 $bundle = 'entity_test'
- Protected Attributes inherited from EntityUnitTestBase
 $generatedIds = array()

Detailed Description

Tests the text formatters functionality.


Member Function Documentation

setUp ( )


testFormatters ( )

Tests all text field formatters.

References format_string(), Entity\load(), and Drupal\service().

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