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MigrateSourceInterface Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

 fields ()
 prepareRow (Row $row)
 __toString ()
 getIds ()
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 getPluginId ()
 getPluginDefinition ()

Detailed Description

Defines an interface for migrate sources.

See Also
Plugin API

Member Function Documentation

__toString ( )

Allows class to decide how it will react when it is treated like a string.

Implemented in StubSourcePlugin, SqlBase, EmbeddedDataSource, and EmptySource.

getIds ( )

Defines the source fields uniquely identifying a source row.

None of these fields should contain a NULL value. If necessary, use prepareRow() or hook_migrate_prepare_row() to rewrite NULL values to appropriate empty values (such as '' or 0).

array Array keyed by source field name, with values being a schema array describing the field (such as ['type' => 'string]).

Implemented in StubSourcePlugin, Node, TestDrupal6SqlBase, TestSqlBase, TestSqlBase, NodeType, File, NodeType, User, CommentVariable, ProfileField, Field, Node, Term, FieldInstancePerViewMode, File, Block, FieldInstancePerFormDisplay, CommentType, FieldInstance, FilterFormat, MenuLink, Variable, ProfileFieldValues, Role, User, Comment, Vocabulary, Comment, EmbeddedDataSource, UserPictureFile, FieldInstance, Upload, TermNode, FieldInstancePerFormDisplay, FieldInstancePerViewMode, ContactCategory, Field, FilterFormat, ViewMode, CommentVariablePerCommentType, UploadInstance, ViewMode, VariableMultiRow, Vocabulary, Role, AggregatorFeed, Action, UserPictureInstance, AggregatorItem, Box, EmptySource, Shortcut, UserPicture, ImageCachePreset, ImageStyles, BlockCustom, Menu, TrackerUser, Language, TrackerNode, BlockedIps, ShortcutSet, ShortcutSetUsers, Book, NodeRevision, NodeRevision, UrlAliasBase, and VocabularyPerType.

Referenced by SqlBase\initializeIterator(), and SqlBase\mapJoinable().

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prepareRow ( Row  $row)

Adds additional data to the row.

\Drupal\Migrate\Row$rowThe row object.
bool FALSE if this row needs to be skipped.

Implemented in SourcePluginBase, Block, Term, MenuLink, Role, Field, User, Vocabulary, FieldInstance, Action, FieldInstance, UserPictureFile, ProfileField, TermNode, ImageCachePreset, ImageStyles, User, VariableMultiRow, FieldInstancePerFormDisplay, ContactCategory, Role, and ProfileFieldValues.

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