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MigrateMessageTest Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 testMessagesNotTeed ()
 testMessagesTeed ()
 mapMessageRecorder (MigrateIdMapMessageEvent $event, $name)
 display ($message, $type= 'status')

Static Public Attributes

static $modules = ['migrate', 'system']

Protected Member Functions

 setUp ()

Protected Attributes

 $messages = []

Detailed Description

Tests whether idmap messages are sent to message interface when requested.


Member Function Documentation

display (   $message,
  $type = 'status' 

{Displays a migrate message.

string$messageThe message to display.
string$typeThe type of message, for example: status or warning.

Implements MigrateMessageInterface.

Referenced by MigrateMessageTest\mapMessageRecorder().

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mapMessageRecorder ( MigrateIdMapMessageEvent  $event,

Reacts to map message event.

\Drupal\Migrate\Event\MigrateIdMapMessageEvent$eventThe migration event.
string$nameThe event name.

References MigrateMessageTest\display(), MigrateIdMapMessageEvent\getLevel(), MigrateIdMapMessageEvent\getMessage(), MigrateIdMapMessageEvent\getSourceIdValues(), MigrationInterface\MESSAGE_INFORMATIONAL, and MigrationInterface\MESSAGE_NOTICE.

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setUp ( )


References Entity\create().

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testMessagesNotTeed ( )

Tests migration interruptions.

testMessagesTeed ( )

Tests migration interruptions.

References Drupal\service().

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