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DeriverInterface Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

 getDerivativeDefinition ($derivative_id, $base_plugin_definition)
 getDerivativeDefinitions ($base_plugin_definition)

Detailed Description

Provides additional plugin definitions based on an existing definition.

Member Function Documentation

getDerivativeDefinition (   $derivative_id,

Gets the definition of a derivative plugin.

string$derivative_idThe derivative id. The id must uniquely identify the derivative within a given base plugin, but derivative ids can be reused across base plugins.
mixed$base_plugin_definitionThe definition of the base plugin from which the derivative plugin is derived. It is maybe an entire object or just some array, depending on the discovery mechanism.
array The full definition array of the derivative plugin, typically a merge of $base_plugin_definition with extra derivative-specific information. NULL if the derivative doesn't exist.

Implemented in ViewsEntityRow, ViewsBlock, ViewsExposedFilterBlock, EntityDeriver, FieldItemDeriver, EntityDeriver, MigrateEntity, MigrateEntityRevision, DeriverBase, TestDerivativeDiscoveryWithObject, MockLayoutBlockDeriver, MockMenuBlockDeriver, and TestDerivativeDiscovery.

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