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TranslationLanguageRenderer Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 query (QueryPluginBase $query, $relationship=NULL)
 render (ResultRow $row)
 getLangcode (ResultRow $row)
 getCacheContexts ()
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 getLangcode (ResultRow $row)
 query (QueryPluginBase $query, $relationship=NULL)
 render (ResultRow $row)
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 __construct (ViewExecutable $view, LanguageManagerInterface $language_manager, EntityTypeInterface $entity_type)
 getCacheMaxAge ()
 getCacheContexts ()
 getCacheTags ()
 query (QueryPluginBase $query, $relationship=NULL)
 preRender (array $result)
 render (ResultRow $row)

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Detailed Description

Renders entity translations in their row language.

Member Function Documentation

getCacheContexts ( )

{The cache contexts associated with this object.These identify a specific variation/representation of the object.Cache contexts are tokens: placeholders that are converted to cache keys by the service. The replacement value depends on the request context (the current URL, language, and so on). They're converted before storing an object in cache.

string[] An array of cache context tokens, used to generate a cache ID.
See Also

Implements CacheableDependencyInterface.

getLangcode ( ResultRow  $row)


Referenced by TranslationLanguageRenderer\render().

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query ( QueryPluginBase  $query,
  $relationship = NULL 


References Drupal\entityManager(), and Drupal\languageManager().

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render ( ResultRow  $row)


References TranslationLanguageRenderer\getLangcode().

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