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PoDatabaseWriter Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
 getLangcode ()
 setLangcode ($langcode)
 getReport ()
 setReport ($report=array())
 getOptions ()
 setOptions (array $options)
 getHeader ()
 setHeader (PoHeader $header)
 writeItem (PoItem $item)
 writeItems (PoReaderInterface $reader, $count=-1)

Detailed Description

Gettext PO writer working with the locale module database.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( )

Constructor, initialize reporting array.

References PoDatabaseWriter\setReport().

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Member Function Documentation

getHeader ( )

{Get header metadata.

$header Header instance representing metadata in a PO header.

Implements PoMetadataInterface.

getLangcode ( )

{Get language code.

string Language code string.

Implements PoMetadataInterface.

getOptions ( )

Get the options used by the writer.

Referenced by PoDatabaseWriter\setHeader().

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getReport ( )

Get the report of the write operations.

setHeader ( PoHeader  $header)

Implements Drupal::setHeader().

Sets the header and configure Drupal accordingly.

Before being able to process the given header we need to know in what context this database write is done. For this the options must be set.

A langcode is required to set the current header's PluralForm.

\Drupal\Component\Gettext\PoHeader$headerHeader metadata.

Implements PoMetadataInterface.

References PoDatabaseWriter\getOptions(), PoHeader\getPluralForms(), PoHeader\parsePluralForms(), Drupal\service(), and Drupal\state().

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setLangcode (   $langcode)

{Set language code.

string$langcodeLanguage code string.

Implements PoMetadataInterface.

setOptions ( array  $options)

Set the options for the current writer.

setReport (   $report = array())

Set the report array of write operations.

array$reportAssociative array with result information.

Referenced by PoDatabaseWriter\__construct().

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writeItem ( PoItem  $item)

{Writes the given item.

PoItem$itemOne specific item to write.

Implements PoWriterInterface.

References PoItem\getSource(), PoItem\getTranslation(), PoItem\isPlural(), PoItem\setSource(), and PoItem\setTranslation().

Referenced by PoDatabaseWriter\writeItems().

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writeItems ( PoReaderInterface  $reader,
  $count = -1 

{Writes all or the given amount of items.

PoReaderInterface$readerReader to read PoItems from.
$countAmount of items to read from $reader to write. If -1, all items are read from $reader.

Implements PoWriterInterface.

References PoReaderInterface\readItem(), and PoDatabaseWriter\writeItem().

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