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JsCollectionRenderer Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct (StateInterface $state)
 render (array $js_assets)

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Detailed Description

Renders JavaScript assets.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( StateInterface  $state)

Constructs a JsCollectionRenderer.

\Drupal\Core\State\StateInterfaceThe state key/value store.

References Drupal\state().

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Member Function Documentation

render ( array  $js_assets)

{Renders an asset collection.

array$assetsAn asset collection.
array A render array to render the asset collection.

This class evaluates the aggregation enabled/disabled condition on a group by group basis by testing whether an aggregate file has been made for the group rather than by testing the site-wide aggregation setting. This allows this class to work correctly even if modules have implemented custom logic for grouping and aggregating files.

Implements AssetCollectionRendererInterface.

References Json\encode(), file_create_url(), and Drupal\state().

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