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Views plugins
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 Views access plugins
 Views area handler plugins
 Views argument handlers
 Views argument default plugins
 Views argument validate plugins
 Views cache plugins
 Views display plugins
 Views display extender plugins
 Views field handler plugins
 Views filter handler plugins
 Views join handler plugins
 Views pager plugins
 Views query plugins
 Views relationship handlers
 Views row plugins
 Views sort handler plugins
 Views style plugins
 Views wizard plugins

Data Structures

class  HandlerBase
class  PluginBase
class  ViewsPluginManager

Detailed Description

Overview of views plugins

Views plugins are objects that are used to build and render the view. See individual views plugin topics for more information about the specifics of each plugin type, and the Plugin API topic for more information about plugins in general.

Some Views plugins are known as handlers. Handler plugins help build the view query object: filtering, contextual filtering, sorting, relationships, etc.


Document specific options on the appropriate plugin base classes.

Add examples.

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