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InfoParserDynamic Class Reference
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 parse ($filename)

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 getRequiredKeys ()

Detailed Description

Parses dynamic .info.yml files that might change during the page request.

Member Function Documentation

getRequiredKeys ( )

Returns an array of keys required to exist in .info.yml file.

array An array of required keys.

Referenced by InfoParserDynamic\parse().

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parse (   $filename)

{Parses Drupal module, theme and profile .info.yml files.Info files are NOT for placing arbitrary theme and module-specific settings. Use Config::get() and Config::set()->save() for that. Info files are formatted as YAML. If the 'version' key is set to 'VERSION' in any info file, then the value will be substituted with the current version of Drupal core.Information stored in all .info.yml files:

  • name: The real name of the module for display purposes. (Required)
  • description: A brief description of the module.
  • type: whether it is for a module or theme. (Required)
Information stored in a module .info.yml file:

  • dependencies: An array of dependency strings. Each is in the form 'project:module (versions)'; with the following meanings:
    • project: (optional) Project shortname, recommended to ensure uniqueness, if the module is part of a project hosted on drupal.org. If omitted, also omit the : that follows. The project name is currently ignored by Drupal core but is used for automated testing.
    • module: (required) Module shortname within the project.
    • (versions): Version information, consisting of one or more comma-separated operator/value pairs or simply version numbers, which can contain "x" as a wildcard. Examples: (>=8.22, <8.28), (8.x-3.x).
  • package: The name of the package of modules this module belongs to.
See forum.info.yml for an example of a module .info.yml file.Information stored in a theme .info.yml file:

  • screenshot: Path to screenshot relative to the theme's .info.yml file.
  • engine: Theme engine; typically twig.
  • base theme: Name of a base theme, if applicable.
  • regions: Listed regions.
  • features: Features available.
  • stylesheets: Theme stylesheets.
  • scripts: Theme scripts.
See bartik.info.yml for an example of a theme .info.yml file.
string$filenameThe file we are parsing. Accepts file with relative or absolute path.
array The info array.
\Drupal\Core\Extension\InfoParserExceptionException thrown if there is a parsing error or the .info.yml file does not contain a required key.

Implements InfoParserInterface.

References Yaml\decode(), InfoParserDynamic\getRequiredKeys(), and Drupal\VERSION.

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