Drupal 8  8.0.2
MigrateFileTest Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 testFiles ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MigrateTestBase
 display ($message, $type= 'status')
 startCollectingMessages ()
 stopCollectingMessages ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getUniqueFilename ()
static migrateDumpAlter (TestBase $test)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MigrateDumpAlterInterface
static migrateDumpAlter (TestBase $test)

Static Protected Attributes

static $tempFilename

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from MigrateDrupal6TestBase
static $modules
- Static Public Attributes inherited from MigrateDrupalTestBase
static $modules = array('system', 'user', 'field', 'migrate_drupal', 'options', 'file')
- Static Public Attributes inherited from MigrateTestBase
static $modules = array('migrate')
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MigrateDrupal6TestBase
 setUp ()
 migrateUsers ($include_pictures=TRUE)
 migrateContentTypes ()
 migrateFields ()
 migrateContent ($include_revisions=FALSE)
 migrateTaxonomy ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MigrateDrupalTestBase
 setUp ()
 loadFixture ($path)
 installMigrations ($version)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MigrateTestBase
 setUp ()
 tearDown ()
 prepareMigrations (array $id_mappings)
 executeMigration ($migration)
 executeMigrations (array $ids)
- Protected Attributes inherited from MigrateTestBase
 $collectMessages = FALSE

Detailed Description

file migration.


Member Function Documentation

static getUniqueFilename ( )
string A filename based upon the test.
static migrateDumpAlter ( TestBase  $test)


References FILE_CREATE_DIRECTORY, file_prepare_directory(), and Database\getConnection().

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testFiles ( )

Tests the Drupal 6 files to Drupal 8 migration.

References Drupal\database(), Drupal\entityManager(), MigrateTestBase\executeMigration(), Database\getConnection(), and Entity\load().

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