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ViewTestData Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static createTestViews ($class, array $modules)
static schemaDefinition ()
static viewsData ()
static dataSet ()

Detailed Description

Provides tests view data and the base test schema with sample data records.

The methods will be used by both views test base classes.

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Member Function Documentation

static createTestViews (   $class,
array  $modules 

Create test views from config.

string$classThe name of the test class. Installs the listed test views in order.
array$modulesThe module directories to look in for test views.

References Drupal\entityManager(), Drupal\moduleHandler(), and Drupal\service().

Referenced by ViewsTemplateTest\setUp(), ExtensionViewsFieldTest\setUp(), NidArgumentTest\setUp(), ViewsBlockTest\setUp(), TaxonomyParentUITest\setUp(), AccessRoleUITest\setUp(), HandlerTest\setUp(), ViewEntityDependenciesTest\setUp(), FieldEntityTest\setUp(), ViewKernelTestBase\setUp(), ViewsIntegrationTest\setUp(), DateTimeHandlerTestBase\setUp(), NodeLanguageTest\setUp(), ContactLinkTest\setUp(), TaxonomyIndexTidUiTest\setUp(), IntegrationTest\setUp(), EntityReferenceRelationshipTest\setUp(), and FieldUIDeleteTest\testDeleteField().

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

static dataSet ( )

Returns a very simple test dataset.

Referenced by ViewKernelTestBase\dataSet(), ViewTestBase\dataSet(), and CounterTest\setUp().

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static schemaDefinition ( )

Returns the schema definition.

Referenced by ViewKernelTestBase\schemaDefinition(), and ViewTestBase\schemaDefinition().

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static viewsData ( )

Returns the views data definition.

Referenced by ViewsDataHelperTest\viewsData(), ViewsDataTest\viewsData(), ViewKernelTestBase\viewsData(), and ViewTestBase\viewsData().

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