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DefaultConfigTest Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 testConfigIsEmpty ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from UnitTestCase
 randomMachineName ($length=8)
 getConfigFactoryStub (array $configs=array())
 getConfigStorageStub (array $configs)
 getStringTranslationStub ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from UnitTestCase
 setUp ()
 getRandomGenerator ()
 assertArrayEquals (array $expected, array $actual, $message=NULL)
 getBlockMockWithMachineName ($machine_name)
 getContainerWithCacheTagsInvalidator (CacheTagsInvalidatorInterface $cache_tags_validator)
 getClassResolverStub ()
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Detailed Description

Tests default configuration of the Extension system.


Member Function Documentation

testConfigIsEmpty ( )

Tests that core.extension.yml is empty by default.

The default configuration MUST NOT specify any extensions, because every extension has to be installed in a regular way.

Otherwise, the regular runtime application would operate with extensions that were never installed. The default configuration of such extensions would not exist. Installation hooks would never be executed.

References Drupal\root().

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